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• Kansai Events • EntertainmentJNSK: Piano Concert by Martyn van den Hoek Monday 14 Nov 2011

The Japan-Netherlands Society of the Kansai would like to invite you to their 215th Regular Meeting. At this Meeting, we are delighted to hold the piano concert played by Mr. Martyn van den Hoek, a Dutch pianist, who is a winner of the First Prize at the International Franz Liszt Piano Competition in 1986. His appearance at our Regular Meeting is the second one since November 1994.

Date & Time:
Monday, 14 November, 2011, 18:00 -20:00

Hall on the 5th Floor, Chuo Denki Club (Central Electric Club)
(2-1-25, Dojimahama, Kita-ku, Osaka Tel : 06-6345-6351)

17:30 Start of registration
18:00 Piano Concert
19:00 Aperitif / seated buffet dinner
20:00 Closing

Outline of Concert:
Piano Concert by Martyn van den Hoek
~ Franz Liszt‘s 200 years birth anniversary ~
♪ From the Transcendental Etudes
1. No. 1: Preludio
2. No. 2: A-minor
3. No. 3: Paysage
4. No. 6: Vision
♪ Polonaise No. 2♪ Liebestraum(Dream of Love) No.3♪ La Campanella

Martyn van den Hoek, Born in Holland. 1st Prize at the Int. Liszt Competition 1986. Studies in Rotterdam, Moscow, Budapest and New York. Worldwide concertizing, teaching, giving workshops (also on posture and movement), masterclasses and lectures contribute to a very active musicians schedule.
He made 23 CD’s (Naxos). Lately, he took up writing. His first book “Eye and Ear” was released in 2005. “The Visions of Franz Liszt”, 4 coloured CD’s, will be released in 2011 as a contribution to Franz Liszt’s bicentennial celebrations. He taught at the Vienna Academy of Music, later at the Vienna Conservatory. Currently he teaches at the University of Utrecht. His repertoire includes 50 piano concerti and over 50 different solo programs.www.vandenhoek.at

¥5,000 per person