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• Living in Japan • Global Opinion Survey on Japan's Energy Policy Options

Some of you might be interested in participating in this project. It is unlkely to have a major impact, but it’s a lot better than doing nothing, even if it only helps you clarify your own thoughts about this vital matter. ;-)

Jan Koen

Please tell us what you think!

A discussion on the nation’s direction on energy policy up until 2030 is
now unfolding all around Japan. What kind of energy Japan uses and
whether it abandons or keeps its nuclear power plants are issues that
affect not only the Japanese, but the rest of the world and the
generations to come.

The government is presently gathering opinions from citizens on energy
options through a website, email, fax and other media during a period of
public comment set to end on August 12th. In view of this effort, JFS
hopes to gather opinions from people around the world and communicate
the results to the Japanese government, media, and through other
channels. Thus we would like to conduct an international opinion poll on
“Japan’s energy policy.” Please take a few minutes to answer the three
questions below for Japan’s sake.

Please read the background information on the present domestic
discussion and energy options and let us know what you think.
We look forward eagerly to your reply!

- Survey questions input form

Please reply by the end of the day, August 12, 2012.
If you have any questions about this survey,
please write to info(at)japanfs.org.

We will post our findings on the JFS website afterward.
We very much appreciate your help!

Junko Edahiro
Chief Executive
Japan for Sustainability

29 July 2012 - Marco Bos

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