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Buy Dutch cheese and several other Dutch products online. Perfect for corporate gifts.

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Hilton Osaka Hotel
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• Manual • Placing an article on the site

Before you can place an article on the site you will need to receive a login name and password from the webmaster. Contact the committee if you’d like to contribute to the site.

Submitting an article

  1. (re)Write the article in your favorite word processor
  2. Do an automatic spelling check
  3. Open http://hollandjapan.com/textpattern in your browser and log in
  4. Go to “content/write” (usually selected automatically)
  5. Place the article in the input box in the middle
    Type a title in the top box (use a capital only for the first letter of the sentence)
  6. Place the first paragraph of the text or a short summary in “excerpt”
  7. To make text bold, italics etc. use the instructions under “Textile Help” (left on the page)

Selecting categories and a section

  1. Select a category. Occasionally two categories are applicable
  2. For “Section” always select “article” (activated automatically). See an explanation of other sections below.
  3. It is possible to not allow visitors to comment on an article. Just check “off” instead of “on”. after “Comments”. “on” is selected automatically.


  1. Click on “Preview” (on the right side of the input box) and see if the excerpt (below the text) is long enough or needs to be longer
  2. Look at the text and check for spelling, style or grammatical mistakes.
  3. Click on “Text”, and make changes if needed


  1. Select “Pending” if you want to finish the article at a later date
  2. Only when “Live” is selected will the article be seen on the site
  3. Will the article go live at a later date? Click on the check mark at “Set timestamp to now” and type a new date under “publish at”
  4. Click on “save” with ‘Email to subscribers?’ set to ‘No’

Informing subscribers about the new article
IMPORTANT: First finish ‘Finishing’

  1. Set ‘Email to subscribers?’ to ‘Yes’
  2. Select the list you want to use (‘Committee’ is only used to inform committee members)
  3. Click ‘Save’

Editing articles

Go to “content/articles” and click on the title of the article you’d like to edit
Follow the same instructions from above

You’re done!



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1 January 2005 - Kjeld Duits

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