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• Shopping • High quality toys from Europe, in Kobe

Japan may be famous for its toys and computer games, but it is extremely difficult to find a toy store offering high quality toys and games. Toys R Us has an immense selection and attractive prices, but stocks relatively few of the European toys that are both fun and educational.

B. B. Shop to the rescue! This small toy store, located near Setsu-Motoyama station (between Sumiyoshi and Ashiya stations) on JR’s Kobe line carries al those high quality European toys that are usually so hard to get in Japan.

B. B. Shop Toy Shop near JR Setsu-Motoyama

The shop carries famous brands like Brio, Ravensburger, Selecta, Christof Beck and Naef, but also relatively unknown ones.

The toys at B. B. Shop have all one thing in common: they help your child to develop his cognitive and motor skills. That is after all why children play, to learn while having fun.

B. B. Shop especially has an impressive selection of wooden toys, and games from companies like Ravensburger.

Although the B. B. Shop site is in Japanese, the page with brand names has the company names in the alphabet and linked to catalogue pages with images. So it is really easy to get a good idea of the shop’s selection.

The shop is just a 3 minute walk from JR Setsu-Motoyama station.

B. B. Shop
Tel: 078-452-5558
Open: 10:00AM – 7:00PM
CLosed: Wednesdays
Nearest station: JR Setsu-Motoyama or Hankyu Okamoto, both on the Kobe Line.

1 June 2005 - Kjeld Duits

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